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Pitacs Limited was established in 1990 as a national distributor of heating products; today, we are one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of heating products and electrical cables in the UK, as well as commanding an impressive global distribution.

As one of the UK’s leading electrical cable and flex distributors with over 30 years’ experience our globally sourced products adhere to all British and International Standard regulations. Our cables are stocked throughout the UK’s leading DIY retailers and Electrical Wholesaler network. Our £5 million UK stock holding at our distribution centre in Milton Keynes means we can meet all demand on time and in full.

General wiring

We offer a versatile range of general wiring, fixed wiring and twin & earth cables suitable for a variety of applications in domestic and commercial power distribution, including single core and multicore, armoured and unarmoured, to BS5467 and BS6724.

Flexible cables

Our PVC cable range includes cables from PVC insulated and flex for panel wiring, 2182Y and 2192Y PVC insulated and sheathed cables for general light duty domestic wiring and 6381Y for AC and DC power supplies.

Low voltage cables

Available in a range of different types for varying applications.

Control cables 

Our range of Control Flexible cable to BS6500 includes CY cable and YY Cable in PVC and LSZH. Our Control cables are available with numbered cores, and some have the option of colour-coded cores in certain sizes.

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