Fire cable with superb working flexibility

Fire Cable

Are you looking for Fire Cable? No need, we’ve got you covered! BASEC approved and LPCB certified – available now! Our fire cables ensure that emergency systems in buildings continue to operate in extreme fire conditions. The range is designed for fire-resistant applications including fire alarms, voice communication systems, emergency lighting systems, air conditioning and […]

The Flexi-Tails Pack you will not want to miss!

Flexi-tails pack

25mm & 16mm Flexi-Tail Pack BASEC approved with better flexibility and easier installation! This handy Flexi-Tails Pack contains 3 meters of 25mm of each Blue & Brown 6181Y double insulated flexible tails and 3 meters of 16mm green/yellow 6491X earth cable. Extra flexibility makes them much easier to route through consumer units and fix to surfaces. […]

4mm & 6mm Solar Cable!

Solar Cables Header

Available in 4mm, 6mm cores and suited to UK weather conditions Solar Cable is specially designed to be used in photovoltaic power systems, such as connecting solar panels. Pitacs cables are highly UV radiation resistant and operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures, from -40°C up to +90°C.  Our Solar Cable has good protection […]